Friday, December 03, 2004

Band Aid Single

Two days have passed since World AIDS Day so it is relevant to observe that proceeds from the sales of the new Band Aid single are going towards relief for the Darfur region of Sudan and to combat HIV and Aids across Africa. Both are undoubtedly worthy causes. None other than Tony Blair himself has purchased not one but two copies of the single from HMV whilst on tour in Edinburgh today. I wonder if he paid by cash or credit card? The single is expected to have sold 300,000 copies by the time the charts are announced on Sunday. More from the official website -


At 12:39 am, December 09, 2004, Blogger Colin said...

I never thought much of this new version of the single but was far too polite to say anything in my original post. What on earth was 'Bono' doing on the new recording anyway? But now I find I'm not the only one thinking these thoughts - check out for an alternative view on Band Aid 20.


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