Sunday, February 06, 2005

0870 don't go there...

I see that there is a growing tide of companies that have found a new way of making money and wasting our time. 0870 numbers (7.51p per/min daytime 3.75p per/min evening 1.50p per/min weekend), confusingly similar to 0800 freephone or 0845 lo-call (3p per/min daytime 1p per/min evening 1p per/min weekend) numbers. Basically the company or organisation is getting about 25% of the 0870 call rate everytime you call it. Therefore you will usually find you have to wait a long time before the call is answered, because while your waiting they are earning more money. Don't put up with it - DON'T CALL 0870 NUMBERS!!! There is a website called Say No To 0870 - Prices indicated above were correct according to BT's website during this posting and are also exclusive of VAT.


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