Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Stratford Class of 2005 meets Olympics 2012

I waited at home before venturing into work today. I decided to watch the announcement of the Olympic bid to host the 2012 games. London were victorious, I was not too surprised about this as I travel past Stratford and its surrounding areas several times a week and have witnessed mountains of earth moving and mass scale development going on around the area for a long time.

However, today I was on the bus. As I reached the Halfway House junction on Leytonstone High Road I saw the little urchin who regularly stops passers by in this manor and tries to sell them expensive looking fake watches (well I think they are fake)! They are boxed and look something like a Tag Heuer or Breitling. When the bus reached Maryland it got held up in traffic. It took ages to get past Stratford obviously traffic delays because of the celebrations. Ken and fellow cronies take note - organisation means here and now and not to wait until 2012 to get it right!!! So anyway while we were waiting in traffic one young upstart gave everyone on the upper deck of the bus an impromptu "true tone" concert. Four or five full tracks of the most mindless break beat music played at annoying level direct from his mobile phone (no headphones). I have observed this is becoming a trend on the upper deck of the buses lately.

I thought it was bliss when he switched it off but then I noticed that 4 other young upstarts had got onto the bus and sat near to him so his mobile had been quickly hidden away for tax avoidance purposes. These four youths then conversed openly but in heavily disguised street language. In the bits I could understand they discussed the drugs they take, places they had been breaking and entering, a list of associate hooligans who were all inside and "coming out" anytime during the next 2 weeks and up to 5 years and finally one reminisced about an assault that he recently took part in and wished he had filmed on his mobile but failed to. They got off along Hermit Road which is sort of sandwiched between Plaistow and Canning Town. Wonder what this rabble will have graduated to by 2012? Out on the street they call it - Welcome to Stratford!!!


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