Thursday, May 25, 2006

Movements - Back a Yard style

About backyardmovements; Today Disciples consists of Russ D. producer, musician, engineer on the uk reggae and dub scene since 1986. Originally Disciples were brothers Russ and Lol who produced music for legendary uk sound system man Jah Shaka, it was Shaka who gave them their name, they recorded 4 albums for Shaka from `87 - `91. Later Russ formed his own labels Boom Shacka Lacka and Backyard Movements, the former for uk dub styles, the latter for roots vocal styles. In `91 they also built a sound system which they ran for 5 years before packing away the boxes for good. Lol pulled out of the music biz and Russ continued forward in the studio and productions as well as continued dj`ing around the world with long time friend and micman Jonah Dan. For more check the link...


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