Sunday, June 13, 2010

Rodigan finally wakes up and smells the coffee!

So finally David Rodigan goes on record to vocalise what real reggae fans have been aware of for decades. The real vibe and creativity of the music and the qualities that firmly placed reggae indelibly on the world music map began to fade when electronic 'sampling' instruments and computers became the dominant factors in Jamaican music. However, Rodigan like many others have been happy to take the dancehall dollar for so many years. By this I mean the practice of only playing 10 seconds of any particular record/dubplate and screaming obscenities down a microphone like demented frogs on crack. What do they think this dancehall culture/style of playing did to aid real reggae music? Instead of championing the traditional values to enhance the original creativity and spiritual vibe they chose to push the mindless envelope destroying years of good work before. Excellent interview by TheMunchieTV crew check out part 1 below and follow the youtube link at the end for part 2 and much more Munchie media and Swedish patios.

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