Thursday, December 09, 2004

The Surfing Brides

Had a good old yarn with old mucker and international jet setter 'Jez Coad' today on MSN. He has just flown in from songwriting in the shadow of Mount Etna. Jez likes to listen occasionally to some good roots reggae music when he's not playing in one of his many bands such as 'The Surfing Brides' or 'The Five O's' or song writing in Sardinia... its a hard life innit Jez? - Check out Jez-man at the Surfing Brides website -


At 11:53 pm, December 12, 2004, Blogger Colin said...

For anyone interested in seeing 'The Surfing Brides' live and direct. Their next gig is Sat 18th December at The Globe in Brentford. Check out the Globe's Website at and follow links to 'giglist.'

At 11:33 pm, December 19, 2004, Blogger Colin said...

After sound engineering at White Hart Lane and seeing my side finish 5-1 victorius, I then headed over to The Globe at Brentford to do even more sound engineering. The Surfing Brides played a blinder and it was sort of a 'launch party' for their home grown CD album release. The CD's were being snapped up like hot cakes, I think a lot of people are going to be finding one in their xmas stockings this year judging by the amount of people buying 'en masse'. Grab yours now before they all go (see link to the Surfing Brides website on the original post).


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