Monday, December 20, 2004

Top ranking-zilla

I can't enthuse enough about Mozilla's Firefox browser and Thunderbird email software. If you havent given it a spin yet then head off to Mozilla and find out more about it. My findings are that it makes Microsofts IE seem sluggish by comparison. The additional extensions (plug-ins) are great, there is even a Google toolbar extension (albeit unofficial preview stylee at the moment). Don't listen to me rambling on check it out for yourself.


At 11:35 pm, December 20, 2004, Blogger Girl with Boots said...

Started using Firefox about 6 weeks ago and absolutely love it. There isn't one gigantic change over IE that takes it to the next realm, but many, many small changes that add up to whole new way of looking at the internet. The only problem I have with it is that it very often doesn't find the plug-ins that it needs. (And that may be my fault for not going into Mozilla to get a bunch of them in the first place.) Anyways, glad to see others feel the same. Toast to Mozilla!

At 12:37 am, December 21, 2004, Blogger Colin said...

I had the same thing when first trying to load extensions. Two things to check - 1) Have you given permission for plug-ins to be downloaded from the domain in question? (sometimes a message bar appears under your toolbar telling you this) - and 2) Has the extension loaded already and have you restarted Firefox? I did this twice with the google/alexa page rank extension only to find it was actually there in the browser lower status bar and I hadn't noticed that it was there and working.


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