Tuesday, May 03, 2005


I have been mulling over the whole election subject since the government chose to pursue activities in Iraq which in turn prompted me to write to my MP in protest. I have been trying hard to decide if I choose not to vote will it make any difference? I am now coming to terms that the only way to make a difference is to actually vote and not to abstain. If the two thirds of people who didnt bother last time actually get off their arses and vote against the current government then the government will change. I actually am fed up with party politics and cannot see any difference between any of the "big 3". What I see are politicians across all three parties who have good ideas and practice their profession with passion and efficiency. I also see just as many politicians across all three parties who have crap ideas, have no passion and are in my opinion "dead stock". Why can't we move away from party politics into an independent house of commons with a government made up of all sections of the community, no affiliations to political parties, doing the best job for each of their constituencies and the country/world overall? Just as their constituents vote them into the position we should also be able to vote them out of it if they don't perform or are discovered to be abusing their position of power. Why are no politicians/parties offering this as the main point in their manifesto? Because thats the vote I want to cast. Until this happens I want to vote for something different. What I have been forced to live with for the last 20 or so years as a potential voter is not something I wish to go back to. Time to try someone/something else. Bob was right, get up, stand up for our rights! Channel 4 seem to be giving good overall coverage to the election -


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