Saturday, August 19, 2006

VOIP phenomena

Been watching the voip (voice over internet protocol) scene for some time now and it has to be said - it is a very effective low cost way to communicate especially for friends and family but no reason why business shouldn't take advantage of the technology either. I have been using 'skype' for a while now and give it the thumbs up enough to recommend it on here. I am currently using the Tesco internet phone handset which I picked up on ebay for less than a tenner (£10). NB. If you do have the tesco handset and wish to use the buttons on the phone for skype then download the US Robotics software here. I'm sure Tesco's own software and service is just as good as skype but at this point in time I don't need to use the call-out to landline service I am just looking for free calls between contacts. So feel free to contact microphonic at no cost through skype* (* if we are online NB. see status icon in the right hand section of this blog). Download skype, add us to your contact list and chat away!


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