Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Tsunami peace treaty

OK its late now and I should be dreaming. However all I can think about at this time is the tragic events down there in and around the Indian ocean, even if I cannot begin to imagine the reality. Surely it is time for all the worlds men with arms to put down their weapons and head for that region to help sort out the problem. It seems natural to me that armies of all nations would be ideally suited to start the operation to put things right. It could be funded by defence budgets who would have no wars to fight because all their resources would be directed to helping those struck by the tragedy. How much bigger does the wake up call need to be ? (this question directed to the heads of all the worlds governments). The bigger picture would be that after working together to fix the worlds problems maybe they couldn't bring themselves to kill each other afterwards.... I must be dreaming. The BBC news reports on this subject are as always top class -


At 11:50 am, December 30, 2004, Blogger Colin said...

There is a dedicated blog for information on the Tsunami disaster check it out here


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