Monday, July 25, 2005

Mobile equipment database - double check

I posted about 'MEND' the mobile equipment national database way back in January see "Technology - get on the MEND" It seems to offer a convenient way logging your mobile device serial number and if it gets stolen you report it as such. All this came flooding back into my mind this weekend when a private function my daughter attended suffered a gang of gatecrashers who appear to have robbed up to a dozen people of their belongings and ransacked their bags and wallets in the gents toilet before casually leaving.

Well now they have "CheckMEND." If you are being offered a piece of mobile equipment for sale you can check to see if it is flagged as stolen for the price of a text against the database register. At least then your conscience is clear and you won't subsequently be done for receiving or handling stolen property. Sellers can even obtain a "CheckMEND" certificate to enhance their 2nd hand items saleability. Click the link below for more information.


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