Thursday, October 27, 2005

Mika meets son of Lee Perry across the border

Received this CD single promo earlier this week and just finished enjoying listening to all 4 tracks. Mika joins the ranks of "girls/women in reggae" with a roots/dancehall fusion title track "Borderline." The dancehall part of this track features Omar Perry son of the legendary Lee 'scratch' Perry who interjects in a DJ style. Track 2 is an ambient haunting dedication style vocal entitled "To my sister." Tracks 3 & 4 are "Borderline remix and Borderline Dub." The work on this single is highly competent, topped off by the mixing skills of 'Gussie P'. Click here to go to the discography page of her website where you can listen to a sound sample of this single (click on the image).


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