Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Alpha and Omega Dubplates available online

Veteran Reggae/Dub producers/label Alpha & Omega now offer limited exclusivity dubplate mixes of some of their productions via their ebay store 'Dubshop.' You can listen to a sample of the track and then buy an mp3 download of it instantly. As well as their own productions which currently number 30 dubplate mixes they are also offering some dubs from Disciples (6), Jonah Dan (10) and Vibronics (3). The mixes are priced very economically. I havent yet seen any statement about how exclusive they will remain i.e. once three mixes sell, will they be listed again... and again? Very enterprising of A&O to provide this online facility. I will watch closely to see if this is something microphonic can exploit in future and in the meantime hope they have lots of success, they deserve it.


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