Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Orthodox Reggae - Hasidic stylee

Gaining lots of airplay currently is Matisyahu, an Hasidic Jew who has developed a career toasting his way to notoriety in a reggae dancehall style. His roots stem from growing up in Berkeley, CA and later settling in White Plains, NY. He spent time in Israel during his late teens and developed a new 'connection' with Judaism. Later a chance meeting with a Lubavitch rabbi in a park brought him to explore and adopt the lifestyle of a Lubavitch Hasidic. He already seems to have two websites through which he is promoting his art; and which has a link to the a promo video of his single 'King without a crown.' I first heard about this song via my daughter who had been hearing about the single through friends at college. It was then played by Robert Elms on BBC Radio London a few days later. A real mix up and blend culture shock for eyes and ears, check it out through your nearest hole in a ceiling.


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