Thursday, December 01, 2005

Sony and the rootkit - know your digital rights

As the season of goodwill approaches many people will be thinking of handing out CD's to their friends and relatives - but BEWARE...! you might be handing someone a computer security risk without knowing. One that doesn't ask your permission to be installed, won't be detected by your normal security software and one that is almost impossible to remove without starting from scratch. Sony have sold CD's with whats known as a 'rootkit' software which will install their 'Digital Rights Management' protocols onto your PC when you insert the disc (whether you want it or not). For full info on this developing saga check out the Sony Rootkit Roundup: Part I, Part II, Part III. To see how some people are standing up for their rights click here.


At 9:15 pm, December 01, 2005, Blogger Tover van Ooteldonk said...

In spite of a warning from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (, some national retailers continue to sell music CDs
containing the Sony 'rootkit' software.

Since Thanksgiving day I have seen 'rootkit' CDs available for sale at KMart, Walmart, FYE, and Circuit City. The Sony website ( does not use the word 'recall'. Nor has Sony ordered retailers to return these CDs. What Sony offers is an 'exchange' whereby the customer can swap 'rootkit' CDs with CDs of the same title but without the XCP software. There is nothing to prevent Sony fom giving these customers CDs with the Sunncomm copy protection software.

It seems that Sony is more interested in its profits than the well-being of its customers. There is more on my blog


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