Friday, November 04, 2005

John Peels 7" box of specials - Reggae flavoured

I found 8 reggae flavoured tunes in the John Peel much favoured singles box list (did I miss any?) Click here to see the list in full.

8. Arthur K Adams - Wildwood flower + It's a wild, wild, wild, wild wildwood flower (JETSTAR)
56. Lee Perry - Bafflin' smoke signal + Black smoke signal (BLACK ARC) 1978
60. Max Romeo - Sipple out deh' Lee Perry + Revelation (UPSETTER)
75. Paul Blake & The Blood Fire Posse - Every posse get flat + Flat out (STUDIO WORK) 1984
117. The Upsetters - Bucky skank + Yucky skank (DOWN TOWN)
118. The Upsetters - Key card + Domino game (DL INTERNATIONAL)
121. The Versalites - Cutting rasor + Black belt Jones (DL INTERNATIONAL)
141. Yami Bolo - Richer than Cory (JAMAICA INTERNATIONAL)

Nice article in the Sunday Times click the link below to read.


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