Monday, July 24, 2006

Microsoft calls the Zune

Microsoft has confirmed that they are developing a brand/music and entertainment project under the banner 'Zune.' I notice that nearly every domain name under Zune has been registered already. However in the UK there is no company registered as Zune Limited and the domain name is also still available... for how long I wonder? So... If you now go off and register this company and name and make some sheckles in the process I hope you will remember where you heard it first and reward me handsomely!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Reggae gets Mayors attention

Went to a discussion about Reggae at the Gramaphone Bar in London E1 last night. The event was organised by the Urban Enterprise Network and was entitled 'The History of Reggae and Sound System culture in the UK.' (click here for more info). The panel of experts comprised of David Rodigan, Jazzy B and Stuart Baker founder of Soul Jazz Records. There has been much discussion about this event over at the B&F message board but what I thought was the overwhelming point of the night was that all that encompasses "reggae" in the UK needs to unite. Maybe under a banner organisation so that collectively it can be nurtured, grown and archived for the enjoyment of current and future generations. Some pics from the night can be viewed by clicking the title post or link below.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Doing the Lambeth skank !

Travelled across the river for the second of my annual pilgrimages to Brockwell Park to bask in the sun and let my ears be subjected to the wonderful Reggae beats going on at the Lambeth Country show. It was a glorious day, very well attended and there was something to interest everyone. Main acts on stage were Willie 'Armagideon Time' Williams and the legendary Twinkle Brothers (albeit just the Norman half,) other acts included Prince Malachi, DJ'ing by Nick Manasseh and PA's by Ras Negus, Jahn Konoo and local food vendor King Atarney.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Google Checkout - hot on the heels of Paypal

Google have launched a new online payment system called "Checkout". They are offering very competitive rates initially as an incentive to sway people away from using Paypal. However, in the short term it is only available to sellers or merchants who reside and have their bank account in the United States.