Friday, February 17, 2006

Music biz newspaper Music Week joins the blogging ranks

Music business newspaper and subscription only website 'Music Week' has finally entered the ranks of the blogging masses this month. They kick off their blog with about 15 hot topical posts (wonder if they will be able to keep that up?). Kind of shoots their subscription only website in the foot as I'm sure the topics they choose to post will be the same stories as the ones your expected to pay for? Maybe there is a method in their madness? Time will tell...

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Orthodox Reggae - Hasidic stylee

Gaining lots of airplay currently is Matisyahu, an Hasidic Jew who has developed a career toasting his way to notoriety in a reggae dancehall style. His roots stem from growing up in Berkeley, CA and later settling in White Plains, NY. He spent time in Israel during his late teens and developed a new 'connection' with Judaism. Later a chance meeting with a Lubavitch rabbi in a park brought him to explore and adopt the lifestyle of a Lubavitch Hasidic. He already seems to have two websites through which he is promoting his art; and which has a link to the a promo video of his single 'King without a crown.' I first heard about this song via my daughter who had been hearing about the single through friends at college. It was then played by Robert Elms on BBC Radio London a few days later. A real mix up and blend culture shock for eyes and ears, check it out through your nearest hole in a ceiling.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Reggae Music Store - Website Re-launch

'Reggae Music Store' the UK based one stop online store for roots and culture music has re-launched with a completely new look website. Not only has the look changed but the range of products they sell has also been expanded. One thing to look out for is the new 'Dubplate download' section. Here you can buy exclusive mixes of various producers new offerings or older songs exclusively remixed for sale at RMS. At first inspection the site seems to be a lot more user friendly than its previous incarnation. Wishing the best of luck to RMS with their new website.