Thursday, February 28, 2008

On the bench today

One of my tasks today included diagnosing the faults on this 'anonymous' active/powered wedge/floor monitor. The main problem I discovered was that someone who also will remain anonymous for the purpose of this blog has inflicted breakage of the volume and gain controls by either (a) dancing on or (b) trying to adjust the controls by foot while playing (tut tut... to both). For some reason the manufacturer of this product has gone out of their way not to put their mark on it (inside and out) apart from calling it a K-100PM and stating that it is 'designed and manufactured in the UK'. It looks like a Carlsbro-esque product to me, can anyone confirm?

I would like to send out a huge commendation and thanks to Omeg who have been extremely helpful far beyond the call of duty to me with this repair.